bio1_bigGiju John

Latin-Indian / World-Pop Singer, Actor, Movie Producer

An innovative world/pop music vocalist, producer and a former world-ranked Salsa dancer, Giju has awakened audiences with his versatile and energetic style since his youth. With a remarkable power to move the spirit, Giju was positioned as a captivating performer in the Indian and world music scene when he released his debut album ‘Rang Rangeeli Yeh Duniya’ in 2007, pioneering a new and unique genre of dance music – “Latin-Indian” fusion – mixing the true essence of salsa, cha-cha-cha, bachata etc with Indian music.

giju_kris_2Giju is also an accomplished Salsa dancer and choreographer and has performed professionally all over the US, Europe and India. As the founder of Beyond Dreamz Entertainment he constantly works on music/dance projects that are in the “Latin-Indian” genre.

Giju’s talents stem from a strong foundation acquired through proper training since his youth. He has received training in Indian classical music (Carnatic), along with training in Bharatanatyam, an Indian classical dance form. He is also an original member of the San Francisco Bay Area-based “Salsamania Dance Company”, a world-ranked professional Salsa dance troupe.

S3In 2010, Giju has ventured in feature film production, by forming Tiranga Productions, and producing ‘Love, Wrinkle-free’, a slice of life romantic comedy set in the backdrop of Goa, partnering with writer-director Sandeep Mohan. See more details at

In 2014, he came out with his second movie production, again with Sandeep Mohan as the writer-director, titled ‘Hola Venky!’. For more info about this India-Mexican comedy, please visit

Check out his music page for the full list of his music and video works including the ‘Mi Corazon’ (first indian bachata), ‘Ye Saala Salsa’ – both for the soundtrack of ‘Love, Wrinkle-free’ – and ‘Cycle Beat’ (promotional video for Bike to Work Organization).

Vuelve a Casa (Instrumental) // Giju John - Bachata Indu - FYC
  1. Vuelve a Casa (Instrumental) // Giju John - Bachata Indu - FYC
  2. El Aura de mi Alma (Instrumental) // Giju John - Bachata Indu - FYC
  3. Solo en el Paraíso // Giju John - Bachata Indu